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Stuck in a  pain cycle try

EMMETT  technique a muscle release  therapy new to the USA from Australia

The EMMETT technique is the sequence of muscle activation points used in the EMMETT technique can unlock muscle memory. This activation gives the brain the opportunit to set up a new state of homeostasis and provides an opportunity for re-alignment of the body. I am a student to this techniqe but working toward becoming cerified.. with the foundation of this technique and have had many great results with it., My clients love it..

or try

Bowenwork a soft tissue therapy that treats the whole body in one session-recipients are generally fully clothed . Each session typically involves gentle rolling motions along the muscles, tendons, and fasia. The therapys distictive features are the minimal nature of the physical intervention and pauses incorporated in the treatment. pauses allow the body the reset itself or process the move that was made on the body..

Now offering

Emmett short course: I will be teaching the 8 hour short course where you will learn how to help friends and family feel better with less pain.. I  will teach you a few of the easy Emmettmoves not only can you use them on family on friends but you can help yourself as well..

Scar tissue release.. it has been great to see my clients scars practically disapear and the skin having a smoothness and less bumps and adhesions .

Forest Grove Bowenwork and ET soft tissue release
2004 Main Street Suite 210 & 209
Forest Grove Oregon 97116